About TraderBea

TraderBea was a sparkle in Bjorn Bergstroms eye when he read Coin Collecting for Dummies 14 years ago. Inspired by his newfound passion, he established his own physical store in a charming town in Nebraska. Over the course of 14 years, the business flourished by embracing online platforms such as eBay and establishing itself as a prominent player in the numismatic wholesale industry. Fast forward to 2023, TraderBea was born and immediately made a significant impact on Whatnot, surpassing the sales of other platforms within a week that would typically take a month to achieve. TraderBea has grown to be one of the top sellers on Whatnot in the Numismatics category. We are committed to bringing the action of a coin show to the comfort of your own environment. Keeping the mood light and the bids fast we hope to see you in our upcoming streams!